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Welcome to the Webinar and Training Archives

Since 2020, Crisis Care Ministries has organized and hosted numerous webinars and trainings with more than 6000 attendees. Scroll below for more information!

2022 Webinars, Recordings, and Resources

A Free Webinar Series Sponsored by 

Church World Service

with support from Crisis Care Ministries


Faith and community leaders are facing historic challenges requiring creativity, strength, and resilience. In this series of free, one-hour webinars, experienced specialists in crisis response, recovery, mental health, and congregational & family life offer their expertise to help leaders gain new skills and knowledge to face the difficult crises impacting our communities.


  • Running on Fumes: Faith Leaders and the Cumulative Cost of Compassion (March 1)

  • The First 48 Hours: Spiritual Caregivers as First Responders (March 8)

  • Embracing God's Future without Forgetting the Past: A Conversation about Loss, Grief, and Nostalgia in Congregational Life (March 15)

  • Taking the Long View with Faith (March 22)

  • Increasing Your Racial Justice I.Q. (March 29)

  • What Emergency Managers Want Faith Leaders To Know (April 5)

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